Over the years, we, the FOIBOS Company, have built our business and drawn our inspiration from the time-tested traditions of Bohemian glass -- traditions of excellence, world renown, which have earned an undeniable reputation over the centuries for unique quality and overall precision. Throughout history, the trademark of Bohemian glass has been synonymous in the glass industry for the outstanding workmanship of timeless aesthetic value. There are very few other architectural materials than glass that creatively offer such potential for artistic expression, application, and design versatility.
We are proud to be one of the few glass design and manufacturing companies with a broad international reach, and as such we are engaged in responding to the particular needs of our clients, day and night. Our team of progressive, qualified professionals is open to exploring new design concepts and construction technologies, and we are committed to being serving you locally, wherever you and your project may be.
Our concept designers, manufacturing supervisors, and on-site technicians stay in touch with you throughout the entire project to ensure that design, manufacturing, handling, and assembly proceed smoothly and fulfill our rigid standards of quality at all times. After installation is complete, we often deliver ongoing maintenance service. To learn more about the various stages of our work: from our initial designs studies, through shop drawings, manufacturing procedures and installation, to our subsequent, responsive and reliable maintenance on-site, we encourage you to take this brief tour of our latest projects. Possibly, you will find something here that fulfills your specific needs. Or, the tour may inspire you, and help to clarify your own idea for the perfect design……a unique design idea that we might thereupon help you successfully realize.

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Marek Vesely, MBA, founder, and CEO says: "We are happy to bring our expertise to your attention. But it was not always like that. We suffered until we recognize one important thing: share your know-how with your best clients! From that moment, we are the top producer of custom decorative lighting fixtures."