500 years ago, according to historical documents, there existed well over one hundred glassworks on the territory known then as the Lands of the Czech Crown. From the many significant benchmarks in the history of the glass-craft industry, it is worth noting that the first known manufacturing of crystal chandeliers took place in North Bohemia under the trademark of Maria Theresa, a trademark reaching back to the early years of the 18th century. Czech crystal and artistically worked glass have ever since been regarded as exceptional and highly prized products of export. By the 1950’s, the design and production limits for the working with the material of glass had expanded in Czechoslovakia through the pursuit of new and experimental techniques, first introduced by the School of Applied Arts (VŠUP) in Prague. Modern glass art had found there its first advocates, including such internationally regarded names as Rene Roubicek, Jaroslava Brychtova, Stanislav Libensky and many others: true pioneers of modern art in the medium of glass, whose longstanding commitment to experimenation led to the creation of such technologies as molten-glass sculpture, a medium increasingly used for both interior and exterior ornamentation. The experience and know-how of these trailblazers of glass art has been succesfully passed down to several succeeding generations of artists and designers, professionals who have helped shape a new epoque of the modern Czech glass. This newer tradition has since been transmitted to the world through international architectural exhibitions and glass craft symposia organized around the globe. These rich traditions serve as our library of expertise, and the foundation upon which our own creativity is inspired.
As a philosophical basis for our work, we prioritise the individual approach: engaging each client to clearly understand his or her needs and intensions. We appreciate and enjoy our collaboration with external, talented designers, architects and artisans engaged by the project’s investor. Active dialogue with other professionals leads to a better understanding of the task at hand and to a more inspirational, effective design solution. The teams working within Foibos Design have passion for their jobs. We are working hard to just do things right, to make the client happy with the result, and to be proud of our collective achievement. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask via our sales manager for consultation related to your contemplated project. We welcome the opportunity to learn about your intentions, and to explore with you early conceptual ideas. As soon as the specific goals of your project have been clarified, we will provide you a series of alternative design sketches and their respective estimated price calculations. After selection, refinement, and approval of a specific design concept, we shall prepare for you glass samples, visualisations, and -- if necessary -- renderings/modelling of key elements, for you review and confirmation. Thereafter, we are ready to start fabrication. As the design process progresses, you are invited to visit our manufacturing facilities by appointment. We are able to construct for you an initial „mock-up.“ Our project managers and construction team are able to discuss with you at that time necessary further refinements. The quality, precision and completeness of our work is first confirmed by assembling the manufactured product in our factory. After this is confirmed, it is dis-assembled and packaged for delivery. The package is then shipped directly to the site, where it is received by our experienced installation team. It thereupon re-checked for completeness. Only then, assembly begins. Our project managers are on site to supervise the overall installation. You are invited to participace in this process personally and to stay in touch with the assembly team and the project manager to discuss any/all of your concerns. Our responsibility is not over after the installation as been officially handed over to and accepted by the client’s representative. We care about both you, as our client, and the project‘s long term value. We are ready to provide you ongoing, periodic maintenance service and repairs, when and if they are required.